We provide connectivity through wide range of technology, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G in aggregate covering over 99% of Kenya’s population. We run the world’s largest mobile payment system and Africa’s largest Fintech, M-PESA, the world’s first mobile money transfer system.

By empowering over 30 million customers to transact, save or borrow money through their mobile phone, M-PESA has driven financial inclusion in Kenya to more than 84% of the adult population from a low of 25% and generated over KES 107.6 Billion ($920 million) in revenue as at FY22.

Business Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Put your business ahead of the competition with technology and the latest online services.
Simple, Transparent and Honest.

Business Till

Collect payments easily with no time limitations through M-PESA

Simple, Transparent and Honest.

Internet for Business

Connect your business to the world with fast, reliable and affordable network
Simple, Transparent and Honest.

Shiriki Plan for Business

Get affordable internet and reliable call rates for your small or medium sized business.
Simple, Transparent and Honest.

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